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Multigas Insitu Cross Stack Gas Analyzer TDLAS

Airoptic In-situ TDLAS NIR+MIR

Multigas capability: lasers with different wavelengths in the NIR
and MIR range can be combined into one measuring head
enabling the measurement of several gases with one analyzer.  You have the ability to measure O2, CO, and CH4 with one analyzer with one analyzer/pair of flanges
Extractive Tunable Diode Laser

Airoptic Extractive TDLAS NIR+MIR

A process gas sample is continuously fed into the analyzer where it is analyzed in real-time utilizing laser absorption spectroscopy. It can be configured to operate in the near-infrared (NIR), mid-infrared (MIR), and infrared (IR)wavelength range thereby allowing to analyze the majority of gases of interest in the industrial process monitoring.
SRU Air Demand Analyzer

Applied Analytics Air Demand 

The world’s safest tail gas analyzer. TLG-837 continuously measures the concentrations of H2S, SO2, COS, and CS2 in the Claus process tail gas stream. Using the patented in situ DEMISTER sampling probe and a full-spectrum UV-Vis spectrophotometer, this system provides extremely fast, accurate response for tight process control.
Remote Fiber Optic UV Spectrophotometer

Applied Analytics UV - IR

The OMA Process Analyzer continuously measures chemical concentrations and physical properties that can be correlated from 200-800nm (UV-Vis), 400-1100nm (SW-NIR) or 1550-1850nm (InGaAs) absorbance spectrum.
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